Meditation on the heart and love

The word Love has lost its meaning in the desert sand of dead usage!

There are thousands of love songs; Cinemas that carry the message of love, love related literatures, love oriented religious talks etc…Most of the time the deeper meaning of love is emptied for the purpose of promoting purely the sensual and emotional aspect of it, for a selfish and commercial purpose.

John Paul II calls this “culture of death”. The thrust of the mass media of this perverse meaning sinks into the hearts of our children and young people so deeply that in course of time this mutilated and manipulated meaning is taken for granted to the extent of creating a perverse culture. It is in this context, men and women who are really concerned and feel responsible for the well being of the cosmic realities in which human beings are part and parcel are coming forward to communicate to the world the integrated meaning of love, the ultimate element of life.

Heart is the aboard of love and compassion. Finally it is love and
compassion that go to define a human being. Some times we see people exclaiming: “How heartless this fellow is, to be so cruel to his wife!!” It is heart and love that identifies a human being as such. Meister Eckhart speaks of the heart’s primacy in the following manner: “We should begin with the heart which is the noblest part of the body. It lies in the centre of the body from which point it bestows life on the whole body; for the spring of life arises in the heart and has the effect like heaven……The spring of life is placed in the heart.” This spring of life is the spark of the divine energy in each one of us. It is being aware of this energy active in us that facilitates us to be in connectivity with the creation and the humankind. It is a vital connectivity that liberates self and others from all sorts of slavery.

Talking about Jesus Christ in his epistle to the Colossians St. Paul says:

“For the full content of divine nature lives in Christ in his humanity, and you have been given full life in union with him” col 2: 9-10. Christ was a bundle of divine energy in his human form. He lived this divine spark in him and set the entire world aflame and then into a conflagration: the flame of liberative love emanating from his heart.

Meister Eckhart equated the spark of the soul to the place where God is birthed in us and to the Holy Spirit itself. In the spark of the soul he said “God glows and burns with all the divine bliss” Indeed in this spark is hidden something like the original outbreak of all goodness, something like a brilliant light that glows incessantly and something like a burning fire which burns
unremittingly. This fire is nothing other than the Holy Spirit.” (Fox: Sins of the spirit...) Jesus experienced this Holy Spirit when he said right at the outset of his public ministry. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has chosen me to preach the good news to the poor….. (Lu 4: 18-19)

This book that you are holding in your hand is a real inspirational guide to understand, in the midst of the “culture of death,” the meaning of a human heart and love. The author Mr. Barnabas Tiburtius (Tib), who is a constant seeker in different knowledge disciplines, is a systemic thinker; he is a person of
synthesis. His deep understanding of Cosmology, Physics, System engineering, Deep Ecology and his wide-read experience on various other subjects such as the Bible, Upanishads, Gnostic thought and Mysticism has lead him on to be deeply rooted in philosophy and spirituality. In this little book he does not talk about the “concept” of heart and love. On the contrary he starts with his personal experience of heart relationship with the entire cosmos and in the process, encounters the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Heart of Jesus is the heart of God himself who loved the entire cosmos and the human kind with an unconditional

Jesus lived this compassionate love in all his relationship and
proclaimed himself as the Way, the Truth and Life. Tib leads us into a meditation experience of the fine elements of the above three expressions of God’s love through the heart of Jesus. Reading and meditating on each element in each page slowly, looking at the beautiful picture, has a spiritual dripirrigation feeling in my being!

I congratulate you Tib for this fine contribution to the humanity. Both of us have grown together from our early childhood but our growth and relation at this level when we melt our hearts in the present understanding of love is precious and peak!

Fr. R. V. Mathias
Christ Seminary
Institute of Philosophy
Karumathur – 625 514
Madurai Dist.


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